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SAVIC is an international certification body aiming to nurture and certify expert “Animal Interpreters”, who can faithfully and accurately tell animal’s words, to improve the communication with animals.

All for the sake of animals

We believe that by holding discussions with animals, our consciousness as human changes, and more lives are saved, that’s why we are working for this project.

What is Animal Interpretation and Communication

Animal Interpretation and Communication is a way to communicate with animals via telepathy which can be done even if an animal is not there. We will be ableto understand a lot ofthings about animals that we were not able to know until now.
We hope that through the activities of excellent animal interpreters and communicators, we will be able to listen to the voices of animals, which will connect to their protection.

Animal Interpretation and Communication skills

SAVIC GLOBAL is an international certification body started in the United States in 2017. We are conducting international standard tests to train and certify expert “Animal Interpreters” who can faithfully and accurately translate animal’s words to improve the communication with animals. SAVIC defines 7 degrees and certification tests, and from January 2018 the first examination is going to be held in Japan, and many people will be engaged in obtaining degrees.
For the ones certified as animal interpreters, it is expected to use their animal interpreting skills for various social contribution such as animal welfare.

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